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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Self-Performing General Contractor

If you and your spouse have been thinking about having a brand new kitchen or bathroom built, adding an extra bedroom, or having a complete home makeover in Central Florida then a self-performing general contractor would be your best choice. A self-performing general contractor is an industry term used to describe a contracting company that uses its own in-house team to take care of key construction activities, instead of hiring third-party contractors to complete the on-site work. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a self-performing general contractor for your home project:

1. Speeds up the construction process

Because a self-performing contractor has a comprehensive understanding of several aspects of construction you don’t have to hire out separate tasks. For instance, if you wanted your whole kitchen remodeled from the ground up you would have to find and hire separate companies to do your flooring, cabinets, plumbing, and even electricity. You would have to hire several companies specializing in specific services, but with a self-performing contractor they handle all the work themselves because they have an experienced and skilled professional in-house labor force. You won’t have to spend hours going through the Yellow Pages or searching through Google because a self-performing general contractor’s team will complete the entire scope of a project meaning less work and less stress for you which is priceless.

2. More organization and productivity

Like the saying goes “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” and that is exactly what you will expect from a self-performing general contractor. Their in-home team of industry professionals often have individual expertises or proficient in multi-tasking resulting in a construction project to be done in a more organized and efficient manner. The project manager or team leader will assign each task to a specific team member(s) who is the most skilled in that specific task in order to get the work done right and in a timely manner. Oftentimes a self-performing general contractor’s in-house team of craftsmen and laborers have worked together on several projects that they know how to keep each other organized, motivated, and will help each other ensuring your specific project is a success and the final results are what you imagined and more. In addition, self-performing contractors follow and adhere to strict safety procedures and protocols that is absolutely necessary in any construction job.

3. Quality control and money-savings

Besides not having to hire several different companies to complete a construction project many self-performing contractors have professional relationships with different manufacturing companies which means they may be able to offer you better prices on cabinetry or flooring. They have access to different materials at contractor pricings and are highly knowledgeable of what materials should be used to stay within a specific budget without reducing overall quality of the final job. Some exceptional self-performing general contractors will design and fabricate the materials themselves in their own factory and then pass the savings to their customers. The lead contractor will adhere to a specific budget so there are no extra charges or surprises. A self-performing team that have worked together on many projects will often yield high quality results through efficient money-saving methods. When their own forces are responsible for work on site, the lead contractor can guarantee excellent craftsmanship within a specific time frame while never going over budget. Because a self-performing general contractor has a crew of highly skilled team members you can rest assure that they will do the job right the first time saving you time and money.

Your home is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. Whether a home is your primary residence or a rental property updating or remodeling the residence can often increase its overall value resulting in a ROI. Besides the financial aspect, remodeling your home will increase the aesthetic appeal and make it more comfortable to live in. When choosing a licensed and certified Central Florida self-performing general contractor to help you build your dream home, choose the one with several years real industry experience and have positive customer reviews.

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