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5 Design and Remodeling Ideas to Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to the heart of the home because it is where your household gathers every day to begin their day. While the bedrooms, living room, and backyard are also important areas of a home, the kitchen is where memories are created. If you think back to your childhood and past holidays, you will often reminisce of the dinners being prepared and served. It is in the kitchen where family members talk about their day and share little stories they experienced. The kitchen is also one of the main focal points upon entering a home. A beautiful kitchen can impress not only your guests but yourself each and every time you arrive home. There is something so heartwarming about a home’s kitchen, the reason could be that the kitchen is where we go to sustain, comfort, and satisfy our thirst and hunger. It is where we create new recipes and re-create old family recipes, and it is also where we share specials meals that were made with love. Besides the beautiful aesthetics and positive emotions a good kitchen can bring, a well-designed, functional kitchen can increase your home’s value. Remodeling or upgrading your kitchen will not only increase home cooked meals, but it can greatly increase your home’s selling price should you decide to sell in the future, making a new kitchen an investment you can enjoy now and in the future. Here are 5 design and remodeling ideas to get you the kitchen of your dreams:


If you want to give your kitchen an updated look without breaking the bank with a full remodel, then brand new kitchen cabinets would be ideal. Cabinets can also help your kitchen become more efficient allowing for more storage. Cabinets come in different styles and budgets depending on your specific preferences. Cabinets can also be installed in less than a week, getting you back in the kitchen fast.


Adding a pop of color is an easy and affordable way to update your kitchen. You can paint your cabinets a vibrant shade or work with a kitchen designer in order to achieve a colorful kitchen that matches your personality.

Kitchen Island and Countertops

A brand new kitchen island and countertops can beautify your kitchen instantly. You can install brand new countertops and an island with matching materials or you can just add a brand new island depending on your home kitchen goals and budget.

Lighting and Fixtures

A beautiful designed kitchen incorporates the little details such as lighting and fixtures. When the right kitchen lighting is installed, it brings everything together and showcases a kitchen that you can appreciate. Lighting and fixtures can dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen. You can add a chandelier for a luxurious look, recessed lights for a minimal appearance, pendant lights for an industrial style, or track lighting and spotlights for an updated contemporary look.

Complete Remodel

If you are tired of the appearance of your outdated kitchen or are planning on buying a fixer-upper, then a complete kitchen remodel would prove the most beneficial. It is especially important to get your kitchen updated if there are pipe leaks or any electrical issues. The last thing you want is to be cooking in a dangerous kitchen that can potentially harm you and your family. A complete remodel doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank as long as you consult with the kitchen builder and choose affordable yet durable materials. Many kitchen builders fabricate their own materials passing on the discount to their customers. If you are unsure whether or not to add a few updates or a complete remodel consult with an experienced full-service home contracting company that specializes in kitchen design and remodeling to ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams. Call us today at 321-436-9426 to see how we can help you make your kitchen remodel dreams a reality!

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