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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a General Contractor Over a Handyman

Before you hire a local handyman to handle your next home improvement project you may want to think twice. Hiring a local handyman to do small home projects such as painting a couple rooms, changing light fixtures, adding some crown moldings, or even installing some new shelves in your home makes sense, but it may not be a great idea if the scope of the job is big. If your home improvement job requires extensive work, different expertises, and man-power, then you would benefit from hiring a general contractor over a handyman. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a general contractor for your next home project:

1. Quality over costs

If your projected home improvement or home renovation job is at least $7500 then it would be in your best interest to a hire a reputable general contractor. Considering the financial investment, you are putting into improving your home, why take a chance with a local handyman? You don’t want to gamble with your investment which is why hiring a general contractor ensures you will get high-quality work performed by a variety of professionals. There will be no guessing games or mediocre work because when you hire a general contractor you are hiring professionals that will complete the entire job – from beginning to end. When it comes to a large home renovation job you should never cut corners or cut quality just to cut costs because the final outcome may disappoint you. There is that old saying “You get what you pay for.”, if the handyman says they can complete a large project by themselves for a fraction of the price a general contractor would charge then you should tread slowly before agreeing. If quality is what you want then a general contractor is your best choice.

2. Financial Liability

Most individuals that work as a handyman work for themselves as self-employed sole-proprietors and are not required to obtain insurance. General contractors on the other hand are required to obtain insurance which is often workmans comp and general liability insurance. Let's say you hire the handyman to do some home renovations and he hires two other individuals to help him and someone gets hurt on your property. You can be held responsible. This is why hiring a general contractor is the safer route because should there be an accident and someone gets injured, their insurance under their license will cover it and you will be protected and not become financially liable. While hiring a handyman may seem more budget friendly in the beginning, once you start taking other factors into consideration, you will realize hiring a handyman might not be worth the savings. You should focus on your asset which is your home and not worry about a liability.

3. Guaranteed work

An established and reputable general contractor guarantees the quality of their work, while a handyman may not. Most general contractors are head by a leadman or project manager who oversees that all work is properly implemented and quality is never compromised. Since a general contractor is a legitimate business that has its own office, office personnel, warehouse, and business phone number, you won’t have any issues trying to reach them. A handyman on the other hand usually works alone and for themselves so should their work fall below your expectations, you might have an issue getting a hold of them and since they are a one-man team, they can’t reply to you while they are on another job. Your home is an investment on its own and the quality of work that is done to it will impact the overall value which is why you should choose the general contractor that will guarantee their work. When a company guarantees their work, they are reassuring you that they are knowledgeable and experienced with the job at hand.

4. Several trades and expertises

Another good reason to hire a general contractor over a handyman is that a handyman may be limited in skills and abilities. Large projects often have many components beyond the basics and can involve more complicated elements that are better left to professionals who are certified in their fields. Will your handyman be able to replace the piping in your home or rewire electricity in your home? A general contractor has a team of skilled professionals who specializes in specific trades along with the certifications and licenses. If a handyman is unable to perform certain duties there will be setbacks until they can find someone to assist them. A general contractor can also save you money on materials while a handyman cannot. Hiring a general contractor decreases mistakes, mishaps, setbacks, and low-quality work.

5. Efficiency

If you want your home renovation done properly and completed within a specific time then hire a general contractor. A handyman lacks the man-power or a team of professionals that can efficiently get the entire job scope completed within a certain time. A general contractor will inspect, organize, spearhead, and assign duties to certain tradesmen. General contractors have the team, tools, and materials to complete the job faster. The productivity and quality of work will be overseen by the project manager in order for the job to be completed in the most efficient manner. A handyman may require more time to complete the job, more money to hire help, and more delays to complete your job, so when it comes to deciding who to hire for your next large home project in Central Florida, it is obvious that a general contractor is your best choice.

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Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
11 juil. 2023

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