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The Ultimate Guide to Excellent Commercial Remodeling

Commercial remodels can be a great way to enhance your business's property value and curb appeal. Customers judge your business's quality based on your space's design and durability. There comes a time when every company can benefit from an upgrade. However, it can still be overwhelming to determine where to start.

In this article, we will break down the ultimate guide to commercial remodeling, including a step-by-step outline of what you can expect and how to get started. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about commercial construction.

What is a Commercial Remodel?

A commercial remodel is a construction project that many businesses will opt for if they can’t afford an entirely new facility or don’t wish to change locations. Many new businesses will decide that a commercial remodel is the best investment to maximize the efficiency of their space. This can be a lucrative decision for various businesses, especially if you want to grow without migrating to a new building.

The Stages of a Commercial Remodel

While every commercial remodel is slightly different depending on your project and general contractor, these are the primary stages that you can expect. Once you find a remodeling contractor that you can trust, they can help walk through all necessary requirements, plans, timelines and budgets that suit your vision.

- Planning and design goals

- Project pricing

- Signing a contract and finding your general contractor

- Engineering and gathering of materials

- Structural redesign

- Rebuilding process

- Finishing design touches

- Clean-up and debris removal

Keep in mind that the majority of contractors will have their own workflow and personal guide for clientele, assisting you with the remodeling process and what deadlines you can expect. If you have hard non-negotiables for your commercial remodel, make sure to be clear with your prospective contractor to ensure you are on the same page.

Benefits of Commercial Remodel Services

Optimized commercial space

Every business needs to make the most of its space, which is why a commercial remodel can be so beneficial. Installing custom cabinetry, countertops, cubicles, storage areas, or other areas of office space can help you make room for more staff and organization.

Enhanced professional appeal

Sometimes you might find a building in a fantastic location, but it might not be the most updated for your present-day needs. Commercial remodels allow you to increase your property value and professionalism through finely curated aesthetics. Even minor improvements can make your building look more modern and well-maintained.

Increased customer conversions

Customers take note of how your office or workspace is presented, which is why it’s important to put your best foot forward. Commercial renovations can help you increase customer conversions by showing off your style and reliability as a high-quality business. This is especially important if you are marketing high-ticket products. Renovations like cabinetry and countertops can help enhance your curb appeal in the eyes of prospects.

Opportunity for rebranding

If you want to rebrand your business, commercial remodeling is an excellent opportunity to do just that. During this time, many businesses will choose to change their logo, brand colors, art, interior design and more to match their new commercial construction renovations.

Improved efficiency

Efficiency in the workplace is imperative for your business to make money and continue to grow in the marketplace. Renovations can help your physical space become an efficient and productive area for your entire team to thrive.

Do You Have to Shut Down for Commercial Renovations?

Shutting down your business during renovations will significantly depend on the type of renovations and the nature of your work. Some businesses are able to stay open as renovations are taking place in the back parts of the office, not directly around visiting customers. However, you must be mindful of noise, air quality, and the potential dangers of having customers near working contractors.

Some businesses will close for a few weeks for renovations to ensure contractors have free reign over the building without worrying about interruptions. If shutting down is not something you want to do, you can discuss opportunities to have renovation projects take place after hours, before work, on the weekends, or in phases.

Every general contractor will have different standards for the time they are willing to work. That being said, many are open to compromising with your needs and working alongside you to make the renovation process as smooth as possible.

How to Find the Best General Contractor For Your Project

Check References

The goal is to find a general contractor that has performed similar projects to yours. Asking for references can give you an idea of what you can expect for your own commercial renovation. Most contractors will have references that they will share with you upfront.

Check Licensure

In nearly all states, contractors are required to have a license. Again, most contractors will have proof of their licensure online or in their storefront location. If not, they can give you their license numbers which allow you to check for an active license online.

Check Insurance

Every contractor will have a different level of coverage, so you’ll want to check how much insurance coverage your contractor has. When you go in for your initial consultation, make sure to ask them for all of their credentials so that you can feel confident in your decision.

Meet Your Contractors

You’ll know when a contractor is right for you when you meet with them in person. By having a meeting, you can determine if you communicate well together and if they share a mutual vision for your project. Feel free to ask your contractor questions to ensure you are both on the same page.

Review Portfolios

Every contractor has their own unique style, so you’ll want to review their portfolios to make sure you are a match. Most general contractors will have their portfolios online; however, if that’s not the case, make sure to ask them for this information during your initial meeting.

Are you looking for commercial renovation services in Central Florida?

The CDS remodeling team is certified as a general contractor, roofing contractor, plumbing contractor, and mold remediator in the state of Florida. We are ready to bring your commercial renovations to life! Here at CDS Contractors Inc, we also manufacture custom cabinetry and countertops in our state-of-the-art facility in Orlando, Florida.

Reach out today for more information from our team of commercial remodeling experts.

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