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Things to do Before a Kitchen Remodel

Depending on the type of renovation you’re planning, your kitchen may remain unusable for a while. This can disrupt your everyday life. However, a little planning and preparation can help to ensure the kitchen remodel goes smoothly and the disruption won’t be as bad.

The specific things you do to prepare for the remodel will depend on the type and level of renovation you are planning. The following are some steps you should consider taking before you begin the actual remodel.

  • Meal prep

Meal prepping is vital when your kitchen is being remodeled. You may not have access to your stovetop or oven for the duration of the renovation. You should therefore, ensure that you have meals ready for the period you won’t be able to cook comfortably. Prepare meals that you can easily freeze and portion them so that you can unfreeze them when you need them and heat them easily.

  • Set up a temporary kitchen

If your renovation will take some time, it may be a good idea to have a temporary kitchen where you can prepare a morning cup of coffee. Invest in a small cooking stove and a mini refrigerator. Alternatively, you can choose to convert a spare room into your temporary kitchen. Have the refrigerator moved to this room as well as other kitchen appliances. Select appliances that you use often and have them moved into this room.

  • Pack your kitchen

Pack your utensils, appliances and gadgets and move them out of the kitchen. This will keep them safe from damage during the remodel.

  • Have the kitchen inspected for mold

Kitchens are the breeding ground for pests and mold. A renovation is a great time to ensure that your kitchen is mold free. Investing in mold remediation prior to remodeling your kitchen will ensure that you don’t have to ruin the work you invested in to get rid of mold later.

  • Keep children and pets out

The construction area can present many risks to children as well as pets. You may want to install barriers such as child safety gates which can help keep pets and young children out of the space while work continues. You should also be careful to keep the door locked when no one is working in the area.

A kitchen remodel can be both exciting and daunting. However, with proper planning, you can ensure that the disruptions caused won’t have you splitting hairs.

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